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Youssef: 11 year old I start in Belgium, Brussels. I leave to Thailand at 17year old today I m 26year old. I m living in Thailand and I have my camp here with my boxer and I continue to fight every month.


Venum: Tell us more about your current camp.

Youssef: I m based in Pattaya, Thailand. My camp is Petchsaman FC, we have 4 trainers 1 supervisor, 1 manager and myself with 15 fighters representing and fighting for the gym, we have at anyone time about 20 to 30 people training in gym and people can come and we have people who come and train with us some for just a session and some for months at a time. We open for all and everyone is welcome in my gym.

Venum: Who is the toughest opponent that you have fought with so far in your professional career? And would you like to fight this person again given a chance?

Youssef: I have fought many big names in Muay Thai. They includebig names like Big Ben Chor Prama6 (WBC Champion, Rajadamnern Stadium champion), Fahmongkol (Champion THAI FIGHT, Omnoi and Isuzu), Chanajon (Champion Isuzu 2014 and champ Rajadamnern and world champ), Rungravee (champion Isuzu 2015), Numeechai (Champ Rajadamnern) , Tongchai (Champion Lumpinee), Aikpracha and many other… Personally, I would like a rematch with Aikpracha and Tongchai.

Venum: Who do you look up to in Muay Thai?

Youssef: Today Yodseanklai Fairtex is the top fighter in Muay Thai rules and he is the fighter I look up to.

Venum: Who is the one opponent that you have always wanted to fight but have not had a chance to do so?

Youssef: I don’t really want to fight anyone in particular and  am not waiting to fight anyone in particular. I will accept any good challenge. I like hard fight.

Venum: Of the 8 limbs in the art of Muay Thai, which do you personally love most?

Youssef: Knee

Venum: What are your plans for 2016?

Youssef: I plan to be number #1 in my weight division Muay Thai.

Venum: Finally, share with us your philosophy as a professional Muay Thai practitioner.

Youssef: Winning or losing is normal in Muay Thai. This is Sport. Just train hard and do your best and you will already be a winner! Osu

Venum: Cheers Youssef! We look forward to see you in action again soon!

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